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GSM provides various value-added services whether for B2B or B2C, or DSD (Direct Store Delivery) to stores. To complement this we offer a wide mix of logistic services that enable customers to have product prepared and shipped to the exact specifications required by the end users.

E-Commerce Fulfillment:

Same day e-commerce orders, and provide you with real-time inventory management as well as SOH (Stock on Hand) weeks of supply.  This helps you manage your business and avoids out of stock situations.


We also provide FBA (fulfillment by Amazon) where requested and can create custom master packs for your products.

Pick / Pack / Ship - Ecommerce and Wholesale Distribution

Create and stock product in bin locations by units, and provide everyday pick/pack functions to exact quantity down to one unit. Inventory can be picked by carton level, each level or unit level and combined with other products and re-packed to create a master carton.

For wholesale distribution, we can support your sales and marketing efforts. We can help you reach your end user by shipping sales literature including forms, brochures, promotional items and samples.

Shrink Wrapping Services:

Order can be packaged and shrink wrapped. (There may be limitations on this service based on the size of the products).


Kit Assembly:

Kits or Bundles assembled from the product in storage and also on demand, whereby kits are assembled as orders are preparing to ship.


Display Building:

Displays can be assembled from ground up to create custom promotions based on your exact specifications.


Labeling & UPC Barcode Creation:

GSM provides all types of labeling and UPC barcoding services including but not limited too; Carton / Master Pack labeling, Individual UPC (SKU) barcoding, Pallet labeling and more… We will break cartons and apply labels to the product or on cartons as required. Labels can be provided by customers or prepared by us.

Returns Processing (a.k.a. Reverse Logistics) We will act as your reclamation center for returns and other reverse logistics. The process includes receiving inbound delivery, putting back into stock, sorting, cleaning, removing labels, Return Authorization, repacking or disposing of as needed.

Power of Attorney for International Customers:

GSM can provide POA (Power of Attorney) and other port of entry services. For those who need it, we provide transportation from POE (Port of Entry) once products are cleared by customs. These services are generally processed through our third party providers for a fee.

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