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“I would highly recommend Global Sales and Marketing for helping with your distribution needs. They demonstrated excellent communication from beginning to end.  The work was accomplished quickly and accurately. They also went above and beyond the norm to make sure our orders were picked up by the carriers. When scheduling and coordinating a distribution project, some things cannot be predicted. However, being able to count on Global Sales and Marketing to do their part is something you can predict. Next season I will have one less worry knowing that Global Sales and Marketing will be there to help me with my distribution needs.” 

- Ray Bryan - Warehouse Manager | Fred C .Gloeckner Co.

"As a customer of GSM for nearly 2 years, I can honestly state that they have been an invaluable partner in enabling my business to develop and thrive. Their ability to work within small, customized business plans enables startups like mine to effectively manage operations in a cost-effective, practical manner. Rick Croy, President, and his team act as if he practically principals in my company as they understand my business and my product very well. Finding 3PL providers who cater to small businesses can be very difficult and Rick nailed it by identifying this market in the Lehigh Valley."

- Joel Berardi | Versalot Sales

As an employee of GSM, I can honestly say that GSM puts in a great deal of time and resources into making sure their customers' product is received and handle with care. They truly go beyond the measures in making sure their customers receive a high-quality level of service.



-Dale Evans | Warehouse Mgn.

Word of mouth has been key to our success. Many of our new customers have been acquired through personal testimony and referrals. We are proud of our accomplishments and focus on customer service


- Rick Croy, Owner / Founder.

GSM services have been so valuable to us and save a great deal of cost to rework our shipments with short notice.  Also, the storage of our products worked great!  I can't thank you enough for everything you do for helping Red River Commodities.

-Kevin Stebleton | Red River Commodities

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